New Year : Time to Reflect

I have never been good with New Year resolutions. Just something about them that never really stuck. I much prefer goals, attainable goals. I think with resolutions it’s easy to get carried away and not really think about how to make them achievable.

A few years ago I saw that people were picking their ‘word of the year’ and this was more me. I’ve had “patience” and “breathe” before.

Patience because I was taking my freelancing up a notch and I needed to plan it better and take it in slower chunks.

Breathe was because I felt I needed a reminder to take a step back every now and then and reassess.

My word for 2022 is “reflect”.

I feel I am at a point both personally and with business that I’m too busy at times not looking back at what I’ve done. Through last year I became I suppose lazy with checking in with myself and seeing what was going right (or not) each month. Working alone mostly does mean that I have to make myself accountable and I need to focus more on that in 2022.

Personally, the end of 2022 was fraught. A family illness shocked me to my core and it’s still ongoing now. It’s really un-balanced me and my mental health has been tested like never before.

Reflect is definitely the right word for me ongoing. I’ve created a vision board for it on my Pinterest account and added reminders into my Todoist. I am also very much into jotting stuff down with a pen and paper so I’ve created a journal for it too.

It’s time to move forward but look back and reflect, then keep on moving forward.

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